Monday, April 8, 2013

Dr. Seuss Bingo

Hello Internet!

I know Dr. Seuss' birthday was a month ago, but I thought I'd post this anyways.  For his b-day, we played Dr. Seuss Bingo.  I created a powerpoint with some of his characters and well known quotes from their books.  Then I made bingo cards with those same character pictures.  The quote came up first and I read it out loud to them to see if anyone knew which book it was and then had the picture come up. Since the picture on the powerpoint was the same as the picture on the bingo card, it was easy for the kiddos to see which one it was.  And since the bingo cards only had 9 squares on them, we did blackout (where they have to have all the spots filled in on their card to say bingo).  It was super fun and the kids really enjoyed it.  I did it with kindergarten and 1st grade. 

Click here for the Seuss Bingo Powerpoint

Click here for the Seuss Bingo Cards

Have fun!

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  1. Fun! Bingo is fun, and Dr. Seuss is fun. So Dr. Seuss Bingo is double fun!