Friday, September 13, 2013

I Took My Frog To The Library Kindergarten Storytime

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I have done and tried many orientation lessons for Kindergarten but none seems to work as well as the book, I Took My Frog To The Library by Eric A. Kimmel.  It's kind of an oldie, but works perfectly.  I go through and read the story to them.  In the book, a girl brings all these different animals to the library and they all do something wrong.  After the story, we talk about all the animals and I display a picture of them on the easel as we discuss them and their library manners. Here is a list of the animals and what they do and how I relate it to a library rule:

Frog jumps on the checkout desk and scares the librarian (Rule: We walk in the library and leave running and jumping for recess or P.E.)
Hen lays an egg in the library (Rule: Sometimes we might bring something with us to the library-like a jacket-we need to remember to take it with when we leave.)
Snake sheds his skin on the picture books (Rule: Keep your library books clean.  Wash your hands before you pick it up and also cover your sneeze while reading.)
Giraffe reads over everyone's shoulder (Rule: Don't get up from your spot and wander all over the library.)
Hyena laughs too loud during storytime (Rule: Laughing is ok, but we should use a quiet laugh and quiet voices in the library.)
Pelican hides the dictionary in his pouch and no one can find it. (Rule: If you check out a book, bring it back.)
Elephant wrecks the library because he's so big. (Rule: Even though you aren't as big as an elephant, sometimes we knock things over on accident.  It's ok, just remember to pick it up.)

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