Friday, September 13, 2013

No No Never Box Kindergarten Lesson

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One thing I like to use to teach Kindergarten about taking good care of their library books. I made the No No Never Box out of a shoe box and then put the following items in there:

Plastic dog bone
Tiny baby doll
Tiny toy bathtub (or a picture of a raindrop)
Toy ice cream cone
Tape dispenser

Each one has a rule to go with it and I have some ruined books that I keep to show examples of what happens when your dog eats your book, when your baby brother or sister gets your book, when your book gets wet and starts growing mold, when food gets on or in a book, and when someone tries to fix a book on their own (the pages inside were taped upside down).

It's great and they totally freak out when they see these books that have been destroyed.  Hopefully it sinks in...

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