Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alphabet Under Construction Pre-K Storytime

Hello Internet!

This week in the wonderful world of Pre-K, our little guys are studying construction.  Kind of a weird theme if you ask me, but they didn't so I guess they can do whatever they want and I will go along with it.  And smile...always smile.  Smiling's my favorite! :)

Whenever I see Pre-K or PPCD, I like to read them a story but also have some sort of activity to go along with the book that they can participate in since their attention span is about .000001 seconds long. 

So this week we will be reading Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming and then I have cut out (using the die cut) the letters of the alphabet and laminated them.  Before the story starts, I'll pass out the letters and make sure everyone knows what letter they have.  Then as I'm reading, they can come up and put their letters on the board in order.  We'll probably also do some motions or sounds or something with each letter too.  Fun, fun, fun!

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