Monday, February 11, 2013

We All Go Traveling By Pre-K Storytime

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This week for Pre-K and PPCD storytime, I'm going to "read" one of my faves!  We All Go Traveling By by Sheena Roberts.  I love this book because it is one of those song stories and it has a cd that comes with it so all you have to do is play the song, turn the pages, and keep up with the hand motions/vehicle noises.  Here's how this storytime usually goes:

1. We listen to the story song as I show the book and we do some of the noises of the different vehicles as I see fit with each group.
2. I show them all of the vehicles (bus, truck, train, bicycle, airplane, car, shoes, and school house) and let them come up one at a time to put them on the board and we practice the sounds they make (which is part of the story song, so I don't have to make anything up)
3. We listen to the story song again as I show the book and by this time they are singing along and doing the noises and it is great fun!

To prepare for this storytime, I have scanned and printed out in color all of the vehicles from the back of the book and laminated them. 

One of these days I might get a little over-achiever-y and have them stand up in front of the rest of the group with actual items (like a horn for the bus or a steering wheel for the car, etc...) and let them make the noises.  One day...

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